The Ghana Science Association (GSA) has pledged its preparedness to partner government to integrate the Science Technology and Innovation (STI) policy into national agenda.

The President, Prof. William Gariba Akanwariwiak believes the diverse nature of the Association makes it well placed to ensure realization of the vision.

“Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) occupy high places in the socio-economic development of nations and even the advanced countries have applied STI to their economies and that is how they have developed sustainably.

“The massive multidisciplinary capacity of the membership of GSA, which shares a common vision of promoting and popularizing science and technology, is best placed to assist Government in its efforts to integrate STI into the national developmental agenda,” he said.

He was speaking at the 32nd biennial conference of the Ghana Science Association on Friday.

Prof. Gariba is optimistic the move will help “propel Ghana’s economy from its current lower-middle status to a higher-income economic status and prosperity to her citizens.”

The virtual meeting, which was coordinated by the GSA in Kumasi, was under the theme: “Mitigating Covid-19 pandemic: The quest for scientific and technological innovations”.

The conference is used by stakeholders to exchange ideas that would ensure the sustainable application of STI for economic growth.

The meeting will also highlight technological innovations, inventions, and products. This is envisaged to improve communication, sports, and public activities for health and development in the midst of the pandemic.

Bringing the gap between academia and industry for better society is also part of the objectives.

Prof. Gariba commended government for implementing recommendations from the previous meetings.

He therefore appealed to government to take keen interest in the key decisions that would emerge from this year’s meeting.

“It is gratifying to note that some of the recommendations made to government at the end of the previous conferences and workshops had given rise to the formulation and implementation of vital policies and the establishment of important institutions that continue to contribute to national development.

“It is thus my keen hope that topics to be deliberated upon and recommendations thereof at this conference, will be given the required consideration by the government,” he said.

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