When Ghana’s Covid-19 vaccination drive suffered a setback due to the shortage of vaccines on the global scene, discussions about the development and production of vaccines locally, intensified.

In President Akufo-Addo’s 24th address to the nation on measures taken against the spread of the disease on February 28, he said the country was well on its way to producing vaccines locally.

He announced a committee to “formulate a concrete plan of action towards vaccine development and manufacturing” in Ghana.

According to its secretary, Professor William Ampofo, the committee expects that within two years, at least one Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing plant will be established.

Speaking on the AM Show on the JoyNews channel, he said the private sector will lead the initiative.

“The committee has received various proposals. Government is fully supportive of private local ventures that will be able to access COVID vaccines and produce them locally,” he said.

Professor Ampofo also said, there will be a stakeholders consultation on September 30, for inputs into the process that should be taken moving forward. This will eventually be laid before Parliament.

The committee also recommends that setting up a national vaccine institute to handle all issues to do with vaccines i.e funding, quality control, building expertise and training, will be the best approach going forward.

Currently, Ghana gets access to vaccine vaccines through the COVAX Facility and donations from countries.

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