This year’s edition of the Diplomatic Fair is scheduled to take place on 24tth -26th May 2016 at the Accra International Conference Centre.

Formerly known as the Embassy Fair, it is an annual event in Ghana established in 2012 which brings together diplomatic organizations in Ghana to educate, promote their services and also showcase achievements in contributing to the development of Ghana.

It is a one-stop shop event which affords government, business, the diplomatic corps and other sectors of the society opportunity to network and engage.

Ghana to host 3rd Diplomatic Fair in May 2016

“The fair also creates a great opportunity for public to seek information and advice on Trade and Investment, immigration, International Education, Development Programs and Advice”said Stephen Gyasi-Kwaw  CEO  of Precise Communications  Ltd .

The 3rd edition of the event is to feature exhibitions, seminars and networking sessions among other activities. “Diplomatic Fair 2016 is also to feature Forum on the role of diplomacy in Enhancing Economic Development, Taste of the World, Diplomatic Business networking reception and Fashion and music show.

Diplomatic Fair is organized by Precise Communications Ltd, with support from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration and the office of the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps.


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