The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has launched a Revenue Mobilisation Exercise to ensure the prosecution of defaulting customers and persons found to be involved in illegal connections and other criminal activities.

The GWCL says as part of the exercise, disconnection teams have been set up in the various regions and districts Offices to disconnect all categories of customers whose bills are in arrears.

According to a statement issued by the Company, disconnected customers will be made to pay their bills in full together with reconnection fees before they are reconnected.

Ghana Water Company Limited launches revenue mobilisation exercise to retrieve arrears from customers

“The teams will check illegal connections, self –reconnections and the use of in-line booster pumps at customer’s premises. All persons found to be engaged in such criminal activities shall be handed over to the Police for prosecution,” parts of the statement read.

The water distribution company further appealed to clients to leave their payment receipts behind when leaving home to avoid wrongful disconnections.

For customers who have paid via mobile money or other electronic means, GWCL said SMS payment receipts must be readily available as proof.

“Management entreats customers to cooperate with the teams as they under take this all-important exercise to collect and mobilize the much-needed revenue to improve on water supply service in the country.

“The GWCL is therefore advising its valued customers to make efforts to pay their bills and clear all arrears to avoid being disconnected,” it stated.

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