It was the last chance for the contestants on the Maltavator Challenge to make it into the final in this week’s episode, and there was a great show of energy and enthusiasm from all the nations as they turned their goodness into greatness!  Who would have the can-do attitude to get one step closer to the $20K USD grand prize.

The second semi-final saw the contestants step up again as they competed for the grand prize against contestants from Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire and Ethiopia. And they were really put through their paces in the tough physical and mental challenges.

Representing Ghana this week were Marshall and Oliver, who this time around were facing a tricky mental challenge, alongside the return of the jousting. Everyone was hoping that the jousting would be a bit more fiercely fought now that it was country vs country!

First, they took on the Malta Maze, a mental challenge, making their way through a maze, making sure they followed a red to coloured route through, to find the unlocked door at the end. And to make it even more difficult, the contestants had to do it in their national dress rather than their usual fitness attire.

Oliver was up first and he was hoping to be the maze runner! He was full of energy and a hop, skip and a jump through the maze and he was at the other side and through the unlocked door first time.  Marshall also gave an impressive performance, looking cool in his shades. Navigating the maze like a pro, he sped across and also got the unlocked door the first time. His strategy was to trust his instincts, and it worked.  Great start from the Ghanaian team.

Once everyone had taken on the maze, it was back to the Malta Joust, with Berla and Bovi demonstrating how it should be done! Marshall was matched with Rosalie from Cote d’Ivoire, the only female contestant to make it to the semi-finals. Rosalie got in the first blow, but Marshall wasn’t holding back with his blows. Rosalie stood her ground making their battle a draw with Marshall impressed by her determination.

Oliver was matched against Joel, also from Cote d’Ivoire, in a battle of brains vs brawn. Which would win? They were both throwing some punches and Joel spent a lot of time defending himself, but it was another evenly matched battle resulting in a draw. Although the winner of the most spectacular dismount was definitely Joel with a move that was almost gymnastic-like!

The can-do contestants really showed off their strength throughout the episode with Marshall and Oliver topping the leaderboard. But who would be moving forward into the grand finale next week and be a serious contender for the $20K USD grand prize? Make sure you tune in next week for what is bound to be an action-packed grand finale:


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