The Executive Secretary of the anti-corruption campaign group, Ghana Integrity Initiative, says President Mills must sanction all state appointees responsible for ensuring that the proper due diligence was done on the STX housing deal.

President Mills yesterday ordered the withdrawal from Parliament of the controversial housing deal after it came to light the House had not been furnished with all relevant documents relating to the deal.

The president also wanted more work done on the entire agreement.

Vitus Azeem with the Ghana Integrity Initiative insists it is unpardonable that it took presidential intervention for state appointed officials to do their job properly on the housing deal.

“Some people do not have the capacity to either do the work or they don’t have the time to do it or they have some other reason for not looking at more seriously,” he said.

Meanwhile some have called for the sacking of all ministers responsible for the deal.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Obuasi, Edward Ennin, had for example asked the president to dismiss the Attorney General, the Ministers of Finance, and Works and Housing for causing government huge embarrassment.

But, Minister for Housing Alban Bagbin says the ministers must rather be commended.

“…because we are all in this country when the previous regime insisted that what Parliament was asked to do was only to look at the terms and conditions of the loan and not the policy and forced a number of these loan agreements through Parliament. We want to be open, we want to be transparent.

“We thought that there is nothing shameful with allowing the committee to deliberate on the matter again,” he told Joy News.

The Executive Director of think tank Danquah Institute has hailed the withdrawal of the deal from Parliament as a vindication of the critics.

Source: Joy News/


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