The Ghana International School (GIS) Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has refurbished and officially handed over the Women’s Ward 7 of the Pantang Psychiatric hospital to the administrators.

The refurbishment is part of an annual ritual by the school to raise funds through donations by students, parents and corporate organisations to support school projects and other charitable causes.

The decision to choose the Pantang Hospital for support is to help provide a better environment for inmates at the hospital to recover as quickly as possible and also to honour the memory of two former GIS Students – Jason and Kerry Fung- who were tragically killed by a mentally unstable person.

The school has also decided to, as part of their annual events, organize an annual sponsored walk, all in memory of the two former students.

The sponsored walk also aims to promote mental and physical wellbeing and raise mental health awareness in the country.

A good portion of the proceeds from the annual event is donated toward mental health care at the Pantang Psychiatric Hospital.

At a short ceremony held to commemorate the handing over, the GIS PTA Chair, Mrs. Clemencia Tetteh stated, “we decided to initially redo the washrooms and replace the plumbing. However, after several visits and deliberations we agreed to embark on a total refurbishment of Female Ward 7.”

The total cost of the project was GHS 114,000, she indicated.

“The PTA couldn’t have done this without the hard work and generosity of students, parents and teachers who constantly raise funds and go on the sponsored walk.”

She further went on to thank individuals and organisations who worked tirelessly to bring this project to fruition.