Top insurance company GLICO Group has swept three top awards in a high profile Awards Gala – 2021 Ghana Insurance Awards held in Accra recently.

GLICO Group, with multiple awards in its trophy cabinet, proved superior in three different categories of its subsidiaries-GLICO General, GLICO Life and GLICO Healthcare.

Their sterling performance in the year under review attracted the organisers of the Ghana Insurance Awards and, as a result, crowned Andrew Achampong-Kyei (Esq), Managing Director, GLICO General, as the CEO of the Year, General Insurance Category.

The lawyer, who assumed the Managing Director position of GLICO General in 2018, was the Company Secretary and Head of Legal & Special Risk for GLICO Group before his appointment.

And since taking over as Managing Director of GLICO General, the company has progressed to become one of the top four private non-Life Insurance companies in Ghana.

GLICO General continued its growth trajectory by reporting year-on-year growth in key financial metrics.

For the first time in 2020, GLICO General crossed the ¢1 million mark, which moved it from 5th position to 4th position, courtesy of Andrew’s boldness and resoluteness as a leader who is not afraid to take risks.

Today, GLICO General can boast of an elaborate portfolio of businesses and the effective management of high-risk non-life insurance policies such as bonds and engineering policies.

GLICO healthcare has touched many lives through countless donations to health centres in the country, making its health wing-GLICO Healthcare win the ‘Product Innovation Award’ (Private Health Category).

The Life Insurance company GLICO Life extended its dominance to the Personal Lines Insurer category and was awarded the ‘Personal Lines Insurer of the Year’ honours.

Its Mobile Pharmacy, an example of GLICO’s exceptional innovation in healthcare, is a medicine delivery solution in collaboration with key pharmacies nationwide.

Themed ‘Rewarding standards in the Insurance Industry’ award ceremony sought to reward companies doing exploits in the insurance industry.

And in a post-event interview, GLICO Group’s acting Head, Corporate Affairs and Marketing, Kukua Apprey, stated, “We are excited about these honours; it is a testament of what we have done in the year under review. Certainly, it will urge us on to go the extra mile to provide excellent services for our numerous clients.”

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