An ardent listener of Joy FM, has stated that by nature, women can never be satisfied, and it is difficult to understand them.

Kwame said, “If God really wanted a man to understand how women behave, God wouldn’t have made Adam sleep and wake up to see Eve next to him.”

“First the eyelashes God gave them, they are adding extensions. The lips God gave them, they’re injecting it. The breast, they are injecting it. They are never satisfied. So how can the man satisfy the woman? There’s no way any man can satisfy a woman wholeheartedly.”

On the Super Morning Show on Joy FM, Friday, the discussion was centered on what women want when it comes to romantic relationships.

Another listener, Jay, is of the view that women do get confused about what it is they want when it comes to relationships, and that this confusion stems from misplaced priorities.

He said when they focus on making money and they gain it, then they realise that they are lacking affection and love.

According to Jay, all that women need is “the love, affection, the compassion, the thoughtfulness, the care, and other things. The money, it’s just a side thing”.  

Meanwhile, Tee, who also contributed to the discussion, believes that money is the focal point when it comes to relationships.

“Relationships today, I don’t think relationships without material things can work out. As for that one, it can never work out. Anyone you’re going to deal with without putting your hand in your pocket and giving it out, someone would come and just take her away from you,” he said. 

“You give them all the money, and they would cheat. You give them love, affection, everything, you get to a point, you would marvel,” Theo shared on the show.

Another caller, Steve opined that, “this issue about love and money, is actually very interesting. I believe that it’s no one’s fault if you meet someone who already has money and you fall in love with the person, and someone sits behind and feels that it’s better if you meet someone with money. I think at a certain point, you may get it wrong. If you always keep looking at it that people are in love or in a relationship because there’s money that’s why they are happy, I think you’ve gotten it wrong.”

Meanwhile, the ladies who called into the show believe that both love and money are crucial in sustaining a relationship, and that is the type of relationship women yearn for.

Eunice shared that “I’ve been married for 14 years. What would marriage be without love? It is worthless. What would marriage be without money either? That would be detrimental. A little bit of love, and a little bit of money, I’m okay.”

According to Eunice, money solves a lot of situations and is thus a problem solver.

Ardent followers of the Super Morning Show joined the conversation on Twitter to share their opinions.

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