Residents of Gomoa Mampong on the Kasoa-Winneba Highway in the Central Region, are very angry with the government for failing to dualize the Kasoa-Cape Coast stretch of the highway.

According to them, this negligence on the part of the government, is causing too many deaths on the Kasoa-Cape Coast Highway.

Some residents who spoke to Adom News said that many leaders who use the stretch have seen the dangers involved in plying the road but have failed to pay attention to it.

One resident also called on President Akufo-Addo and the Minister of Roads and Highways to dualise the Kasoa-Cape Cast Highway to save the lives of ordinary Ghanaians because the deaths on that stretch of road is too much.

Their concern comes after 10 people died while many got injured in an accident that occurred on that stretch of the Highway on Sunday, August 22 at Gomoa Mampong.

The injured have been taken to the Winneba Trauma Hospital for treatment. The deceased are said to be made up of six men and four women.

Gomoa Mampong residents angry over failure of authorities to dualise Kasoa-Cape Coast highway

Information reaching JoyNews revealed that the two buses made wrongful overtaking resulting in the gory incident.

The Boss bus with registration number GN 4741-10 is said to have been coming from Takoradi to Accra while the Deploma Bus with registration number GS 6262-19 was from Accra to Cote d’Ivoire.

One survivor, Yaa Maggie, lost her brother in the accident. She revealed that they were travelling to Accra to grace the wedding of another sibling.

Meanwhile, speaking to Adom News, some residents expressed concern following the delay of officers from the Ambulance Service.

One resident stated that the Service failed to pick victims of the accident on time despite numerous calls that were placed to them.

Also, the Winneba Municipal Fire Service Commander, DO1 Henry Asiedu, appealed to Ministry of Transport to force transport companies to buy buses that have two doors.

According to him, some of the accident victims could have survived if both cars had exit point.

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