Amnesty International Ghana has charged government to provide support for all women who have been assaulted on suspicion of witchcraft with an immediate effect.

Speaking on Joy News’ Weekend 1 Sunday, the Country Director, Robert Amoafo said the initiative is to give the vulnerable women who have been abused the protection and basic welfare they need.

He added that the initiative which should be spearheaded by the Gender, Ministry together with various social welfare departments must also send a strong message to deter people from frequently attacking aged women on suspicion of witchcraft.

“We need to work on the system but we need to see leadership. Leadership being that all the institution within the region and leaders should make sure that those people in the region representing government go down to the grassroots to do the work.

“And if it is possible they should make a statement so that people do not see these things as a way of life,” he said.

His comments come after a woman in her late 50s sustained severe injuries to her skull after being attacked at Sumpini in the West Gonja District of the Savanna Region.

The attack on Maria Ibrahim happened after the Bugum fire festival on Saturday evening when a group of men accused her of witchcraft.

Commenting on 90-year-old Akua Denteh’s lynching after she was also accused of being witch, Mr Amoafo said government was acted slowly, hence, it did not deter people from repeating a similar incident.

He argued that several incidents of this kind happen, however, institutions designated to handle the issue, are not doing enough.

“We are quite worried that the President only said he did not approve the lynching, however, did not take any steps or measures to ensure it did not happen again especially not moving on to find out if the Minister has done anything and the officials who are responsible are doing what it is expected of them,” he said.

He then quizzed, “As we are speaking has a social worker been sent to Madam Miriam to find out if she is psychologically stable or if she needs a private place or residence for the mean time?”

“But, all these things are essentials that when somebody goes to gender-based violence they are supposed to provide,” he stressed.