Renowned Music Producer, Hammer of The Last Two

Renowned Music Producer, Hammer of The Last Two, has indicated that government needs to partner competent members of the Arts and Tourism industry if its agenda to make the sector the most sought after on the continent, is to succeed.

Speaking on Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM, he stated that the government can give grants and incentives like tax reliefs to these persons as part of this partnership that will help not only promote the country, but also support the industry financially.

Giving an example, he said, “our airport is the top of the continent, how do we show off our airport? Get Leila Djansi and Shirley Frimpong Manso to involve the airport in their movies and tell them this is the grant you are eligible for. If you put Mole Park, Kakum [national park], Aqua Safari, if you attract people to our country, this is what you stand to gain.”

“The airport, I am not talking about a movie where people will pass there and fly. I am talking about a movie that ends up at the airport, a reason to shoot at the airport. Then the director can show the beauty of the airport whiles making sure the story is being told.”

Hammer explained that it is only through the Arts that the government can push its agenda to the rest of the world, especially since movies and others will end up on streaming platforms and online sites. This will give people outside the country, access to the country through the art and subsequently attract them here.

On music, he stated that the government can offer some incentives to radio stations so they can actively push Ghanaian music.

“They cannot be faltered for not doing so if they stand to benefit nothing from it,” Hammer added.

All this, the Music Producer said, will benefit the country’s tourism drive, push and fund the other sectors of the arts as well.

Hammer, however, added that the people who can benefit from such decisions must know how to perform their respective tasks well, be it content production or promotion.

Citing examples, he stated that Hollywood has been able to push many agenda, including getting people across the globe to visit Las Vegas and also accepting the LGBTQ+ group through feature films, series and others.

He stated that nothing happens by chance in other parts of the world, things are deliberately planned to achieve a desired result for the Arts. Thus, it is time for Ghana to do same.

“I am expecting Mark [Okraku-Mantey] to call some figures together and say, “this is an agenda we need to take. We are going to make our music the biggest on the continent, these are things the government is putting in place. Incentives we are going to be giving to the industry, let’s discuss.” After we discuss, then we can call the press, otherwise it becomes a photo op, nothing happens by chance out there.”

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