An educationist is urging government to introduce skills development courses into educational curricula.

Foundation Vice Chancellor of the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Professor Esi Awuah says the challenges of the times require students to have multiple skills to survive.

“One of my students came to me and I asked her what are you doing during this vacation and she said I’m learning how to braid hair and I was so happy.” she said.

“Education as I see it is not imparting knowledge through lectures but it is to be able to help an individual to contribute meaningfully to society,” she added.

Professor Awuah cited community field work and sharing care and love among one another as ways of contributing to national development.

She was speaking at the launch of the Golden Jubilee celebration of Africa Hall, KNUST.

The celebration was held under the theme: 50 years of women education and empowerment in nation building.

Prof Awuah urged women not to take on challenges as they play their primary roles as mothers.

Warden of Africa Hall, Dr Marian Asantewaah Nkansah acknowledged the contribution of women in especially areas of science and technology.

She is however worried that the educational syllabus has become results-oriented thereby relegating skill developments to the background.

“The new style of education in Ghana is results-oriented, so they look forward to getting the grades; in the process they overlook other aspects of development like home making.” She says.

She promised to introduce basic skill development training to help the new generation students who have lost the essence of being all-rounded.