Accra Hearts of Oak head coach Sérgio Traguil has strongly denied putting any player on transfer, adding that the players must not lose their focus.

Reports are rife that the Hearts coach has sanctioned the transfer of nine players from the team including captain Robin Gnagne and many others.

But Sergio wants the players to focus on the job at hand and not worry themselves with the false transfer list.

“It’s not true at all,” he told “I have not even made the right report to the board regarding all players because it is not only one because it is everybody that I have to make a technical report to identify our weaknesses and the positions that we have to sign players. It is a complete nonsense. That list is not true at all.

“I will not even waste time thinking about that. The players must not be weak minded and they should not think about that list. I did not submit any list and nobody has shown me any list of players to be transferred. It is a complete lie.

“We only have to be focused in our objective – which is to win the league. I know why this is coming out; it is to disturb us and put doubts in our team chemistry. The players should not be worried about that at all because I am the one who will decide who will go and who will stay; and I have not decided anything yet. We are playing the league; we have seven games to end the league so how can I decide to go out at this stage. It is impossible. It is a complete lie.”

Hearts are two points behind Wa AllStars going into this weekend’s fixture and victory over Techiman City could see the Phobians jumping back to the top of the table.

“I want the player to continue to be focused in our game plan; continue to be focused in our objectives and forget about this list,” Sergio said.

“Let us just concentrate on our job and our objective as a team and not be distracted by these rumours. We have our objective and all of us have to be focused to achieve it.”


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