Three Policemen have been interdicted by the Ghana Police Service for aiding and abetting two culprits

Owen Kwame Frimpong, a 46-year-old Shipping Consultant and Evans Owuraku Amofa, 39, defrauded a businessman of US$29,000 equivalent to GH₵ 163,850.

In the month of April 2020, the complainant and his boss needed a quantity of a chemical called Carbomer used in the manufacturing of hand sanitisers.

The said complainant contacted a witness in the case to assist him with someone who could help in the supply of the said chemical.

The witness then contacted Evans who promised to help.

The witness then introduced the parties to each other in the office of the complainant, it was at this time that the first accused person suggested to bring Owen on board since he could help supply the quantity being requested.

The Prosecutor, Inspector Pobee told the court that, “Evans left and later called the complainant to inform him that Owen was ready with the chemical, so they should meet him at Prampram to pay and collect it”.

On May 5, 2020,  the complainant and his boss in the company of other persons met at a certain spot at Prampram to pay and collect the merchandise.

At Prampram, instead of Owen, a lady delivered the Carbomer chemical in an ice chest.

The complainant and his boss upon inspecting the chemical on the spot paid an amount of US$29,000 and equivalence of GH₵ 163,850 to Evans.

According to Inspector Pobee, when the complainant, his Boss and others were returning to Accra with the chemical “the complainant and the witness were arrested by Police with the ice chest and its content seized from them. They were later released by the police.”

The complainant became suspicious of the unexplainable act and reported the issue to the Accra Regional command, which led to the arrest of the accused persons.

During the investigation, Inspector Pobee revealed that the chemical was found to be fake.

He went on to explain that the arrest of the complaint and others was plotted by the accused persons to avoid detection.

“The accused persons arranged with 3 police officers, who were their friends, to seize the fake chemicals from the complainant to avoid detection,” he said.

According to the Prosecutor, in the caution statements of the accused persons they admitted to the crime as being a scam and promised to refund the amount but failed to do so.

The accused are been arraigned before the court for the offences of conspiring to commit a crime and defrauding by false pretence, while the police officers in question have been interdicted and formal proceedings instituted into their conduct.