Two individuals have donated a number of glucometers to the Project Ghana to aid in its drive of helping people living with diabetes to live right.

The two, Louisa Appiah and Winfred Rwatchey-Johnson, Campaign Manager and Vice President of Ghana Heals Campaign respectively and members of the Spring Health Society presented the items to Joy FM SMS host, Kojo Yankson, who leads the project, at the premises of Joy FM on Tuesday.

They presented a total of 300 glucometers estimated at over GH¢150,000.00.

According to Louisa Appiah, they received the items as a donation from an individual following an appeal they made to a number of organizations and individuals upon realizing that lifestyle diseases were becoming a major health problem in Ghana.

Upon reception of the equipment, Louisa said they have been looking for ways in ensuring that the items got into the right hands until they heard of the Sugar Project.

“We felt Joy FM and the Sugar Project Ghana is the right platform to get these items to the right hands and to the people who actually need them so we took the decision to bring them here”, she told

According to her, glucometer, even though a necessary equipment that every person living with diabetes must possess, is very expensive hence the decision to assist the Sugar Project so that as many people living with diabetes can have them.

Ghana Heals Campaign is a non-governmental organization that educates people on chronic diseases and counsels them on how to live right.

Group donates glucometers to Joy FM Sugar Project

Kojo Yankson, who received the equipment on behalf of the Sugar Project said the donation had come at a time when the Sugar Project needed it most.

According to him, the Sugar Project in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Accra Airport is liaising with the Millennium Promise under the Youth Employment Agency to identify people living with diabetes in every district of the country.

Millennium Promise runs a nationwide door-to-door health care service using community health nurses to take care of health problems such as malaria and other lifestyle diseases.

The project, according to Kojo Yankson, will see the Millennium Promise use technology to map the entire country into where there is diabetes, its causes, the kind of diets that are exacerbating the situation and other important variables.

“By the end of this year, we will know the exact situation of diabetes in Ghana and equipment such as these glucometers are invaluable because these are what the community health nurses will be using when they go out to do the testing,” Mr. Yankson noted.

He praised the group for their donation and asked that other individuals and institutions such as global pharmaceutical companies replicate gesture by helping with more glucometers because they will be the ultimate beneficiaries when people know their diabetes status.

The Sugar Project was borne out of the personal challenges encountered by Kojo Yankson in his attempt to deal with his diabetic condition in Ghana.

The project aims at ensuring easy access to efficient and reliable testing and education and the management of diabetes with healthy lifestyle. 


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