Some Muslims including NPP delegates within the Bantama Constituency have held a prayer session specifically the recitation of the Holy Quran for Deputy Chief of Staff Francis Asenso-Boakye victory.

They also made a sacrifice of a bull to ask for Allah’s favour in today’s primaries. The sympathisers are of the conviction that, Mr Asenso Boakye’s victory will bring a new life to the constituency.

Deputy Youth Organiser of the party in the United States of America said the delegates believed in his ideas.

“The delegates know Asenso much and they want to assure us their support for Asenso,” he said.

Prince Kamal Gumah said everything victory starts with God and that sacrifice of the bull is to compliment the recitation of the Holy Quran.

Though he is not a delegate at the constituency, he says it is significant to help his friend to serve the good people of Bantama.

“You look at his track records; he has impacted people’s life,” he said.

He added that the Deputy Chief of Staff wouldn’t give money to spend but will change the lives of families.

“Before I came, the delegates have already made up their minds to support Asenso,” he said.

Constituency Nasara Coordinator, Ahmed Abdallah, said the aspirant has been supportive to the constituents.