GTP launches New Adepa DUMAS, VG Jala App

Leading textiles manufacturer GTP, has launched a new range of authentic fabrics – the Adepa DUMAS and a value-added services VG Jala app.

GTP Adepa DUMAS is an outstanding new range of quality fabrics targeted women who seek to express their style uniquely and with grace.

The new Adepa DUMAS fabrics come with an even smoother feel, new and unique designs, glossy and richer colours. 

The stylish range can boast of diverse patterns and colourways, leaving GTP enthusiasts spoilt for choice. 

The fabrics are suitable for suitable for all occasions.

Speaking at the event, the Managing Director of Tex Styles Ghana Ltd, Erik van der Staaij expressed appreciation to Ghanaians for their immense support for the Ghanaian brand over its 50 years of existence. 

He, however, bemoaned the unfair competition in the textiles industry caused by counterfeiters and smugglers of pirated fabrics and called on the government to expedite the process of introducing the tax stamp policy. 

To curb piracy of the new Adepa DUMAS, the Marketing Director Rev Steven Badu assured there will be a constant introduction of new designs. 

He said, "counterfeiters thrive on popular designs, however, what we plan to do is to introduce new designs once the fabrics are sold out so the counterfeiters can't catch up with us.”

The evening also saw the Launch of VG JALA App – a value-added service meant to assist consumers to locate with ease dealers of GTP, Woodin, or Vlisco closest to them in the country.  

The app further allows consumers preview designs and how it will look on them. According to Rev Steven Badu, the app simply helps consumers make a choice.