Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL) has been awarded 2012 Best Company Employer at the 2nd Annual Ghana Industry Awards held at the State Banquet Hall in Accra last Saturday.

The event, organised by the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), also adjudged GGBL as the runner up for the Overall Best Company in Ghana.

AGI launched the awards to provide a platform to help define the highest standards of excellence in business.

The maiden award, which was held in November, last year, aims to encourage and reward the achievements of businesses that have distinguished themselves over the years.

Receiving the award, Eric Sewornu Adadevoh, GGBL Human Resource Business Partner underscored the company's commitment to attracting and retain the best talents in the industry.

"We continue to invest in innovative and responsive employee wellbeing programmes that ensure our people are connected to our business purpose", he added. 

Preba Greenstreet, GGBL Corporate Relations Director was grateful for the recognition by the AGI.

"Recently, we have been sharing our best practices with some of our stakeholders as our contribution towards the growth and upscaling of capability of the overall human resource pool in Ghana.

"GGBL is poised to be the most vibrant and iconic business in Ghana by 2017 and we are cognisant of the fact that we can only achieve this with our people", she stated.

GGBL has been operating in Ghana since 1960. The business operates from two breweries in Kaasi, Kumasi and Achimota in Accra and employs over 700 employees in the production and trading of premium brands in Ghana such as Guinness, Malta Guinness, Star Lager, Ruut Extra Premium Beer – Ghana’s first cassava beer, Johnnie Walker range of products, Baileys etc.


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