One of Ghana’s creative minds, Keli Abiel, popularly known as Guud Kelly, has announced a campaign to help Africans take their business to the world.

Guud Kelly, who is a YouTube Ghana Ambassador, says the tour – YouTube Masterclass for Africa – is aimed at giving individuals and business the needed tools to sell to a global audience.

He said the masterclass will help individuals and businesses across the continent take advantage of technology platforms, like YouTube, and use videos, storytelling to expand their market.

It will also help them build personal brands and create awareness about any special cause they are pushing.

Guud Kelly told in an interview that, “We as Africans were not brought up to share our stories enough and I want to encourage as many as we can to start creating original content that describes the true Africa. If we don’t, the west will always be experts in African affairs.”

The YouTube Ghana Ambassador, who is also Film Maker and Tech Entrepreneur, has in the past embarked on several campaigns to empower businesses and students in Ghana.

The campaigns focused on the importance of creating original video content and using YouTube to better enhance their businesses.

Dubbed ‘The Business of YouTube’, the masterclass kicks off in Abuja, Nigeria on April 30.

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