Hacklab Foundation, organiser of West Africa’s largest Hackathon is organising a developer headcount to create a database of developers in Ghana.

With about a dozen hubs spurring innovation and growth in tech, the developer and tech community in Ghana continues to grow steadily.

It has become prudent to map out the ecosystem and understand what gaps and opportunities exist. The developer community continues to grow steadily in Ghana. 

The census will gather data on developers on every level, match them according to their skills and rank them based on their speciality.

This database of developers is envisioned to become a dossier on talents in the tech space for talent search and recruitment.

According to Hamzah Bawah, Lead of Research and Development at the Hacklab Foundation, “The census will provide a screenshot of the current tech ecosystem in Ghana in the form of an open database of actionable insights for use by developers, tech companies and all stakeholders in the tech ecosystem.

As the digital skills gap widens with increasing demand for tech professionals, it has become important for us to quantify what the gaps are and understand the demographics of our skills landscape in Ghana. Data-driven decision making has also become a very important factor for businesses.

Our goal is to collect data and insights to understand our digital skills landscape in Ghana to help our industry players and academic institutions as well as policymakers make informed decisions on what skills programmes to prioritize to meet the growing market demands.

We also hope to aid categorization of the skills and recommended remunerations and compensation, benchmarking against global averages.”

To get counted, click the link here: https://hacklabfoundation.org/census/ to participate.