Stonebwoy (Credit: Instagram - @stonebwoyb)

Musician Stonebwoy has explained why he told Ghana’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Papa Owusu-Ankomah, about the poor royalty system in Ghana.

According to him, he recognised that the High Commissioner had enough influence to help improve the royalty system of the country for the better.

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, he said, “He’s in every way our father, an able founding member of the NPP, and a political star. So these are the right ears to hear our plights.

“All the social media rants and individual complaints will add up, but should you get an opportunity to meet an honourable person like this, out of the shores of Ghana, you should be able to have conversations. So we were having a conversation across boards on how we were doing as musicians.”

He added, “So I believe that our discussions were right in place because he, as the High Commissioner, governs everything, and he gave me the listening ear, and we both had a lovely conversation which has actually raised a critical topic.”

Stonebwoy’s explanation comes after a section of music fanatics and critics on social media lambasted him for washing the country’s dirty linen in public to an individual who had no connection with music.

Ahead of his performance at the Yam Carnival in the UK, the musician paid a courtesy call on Papa Owusu-Ankomah.

He revealed that ever since he became a musician, he has only received an amount of ¢2,000 as royalties fromGhana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO).

At that meeting, he said, “the amount I have ever gotten as music royalties in Ghana is ¢2,000. I am being honest, and I swear on the grave of my mother. They do not pay us, and I am stating this on camera. The conversation is big in Ghana, and everybody knows”.

However, CEO of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), Abraham Adjetey reacting to Stonebwoys comment on the payment, said the Putuu hitmaker has not updated his records at the royalties’ collection agency.

“We sent Stonebwoy a thousand, and another thousand, that is why he spoke about ¢2,000. Now he is to follow up and update his records. If you have money for Stonebwoy today, if I do not have his bank account details, where do I send the money to? If there is money for Stonebwoy, the money will be here in GHAMRO’s accounts”.

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