It was a very unusual day for Henrietta, who had just gained admission to the university.

Even though she was excited about being enrolled, her first few days in the school had been rather turbulent.

Unlike her senior high school, the university was a relatively huge environment, so understanding the layout of the campus had become a burden for her.

On a few occasions, Henrietta had missed her way to her room after lectures, and her first few days in the university was becoming increasingly frustrating.

But this particular day was unusual because, after missing her way, she also realised that she had left her phone in the lecture hall.

As a result, she didn't have any means to seek help in getting back to either her room, or at least the lecture hall.

Simply put, it was a case of utter confusion for the young girl, who had been offered a course in Pharmacy at the university.

"Hello, please is anything the matter? You look disturbed", a voice spoke gently from behind her.

Turning to the direction of the voice, Henrietta's eyes met with a good-looking young man, who seemed concerned about her predicament.

"Ermm, nothing ... I've left my phone in the lecture hall, and I really don't know my way around this place ", Henrietta replied in a confused tone.

"That's rather unfortunate, don't worry, I can help", the stranger replied.

Even though Henrietta had some hesitation in her mind, the handsome-looking man had a trustworthy appeal, and so she was convinced to accept his offer to assist her.

Coming to the university, she had heard many stories about how young freshers often fell prey to senior male students. As a result, she had been keeping a vigilant outlook since she reported to school.

Henrietta hardly spoke with male students, with a determination to avoid falling to the snares that entrapped freshers like her.

However, the appeal of this particular stranger was something that calmed Henrietta's vigilance. First of all, he was good-looking and in offering to help, he pointed to a car as well.

The sun was blazing hot, and walking back to the lecture hall with him, was not a convenient option.

Henrietta therefore accepted to sit in his car to the lecture hall, in a quest to retrieve her phone.

"I'm sorry you have to go through all of this, but don't worry we'll be there soon", Wilson assured.

At this point, the stranger had identified himslef as Wilson, and with gospel music playing from the speakers of his car, Henrietta felt at ease as they drove to the lecture hall.

Soon they got to the spot where Henrietta sat and thankfully, her phone was intact. Henrietta was elated and picking her phone, she turned to Wilson who had a gracious smile on his face as well.

The two returned to the car, and that was the beginning of friendship between Wilson and Henrietta.

From that day onwards, Wilson made it a point to always pick Henrietta from her hostel to lectures and back.

What started out as a good Samaritan assisting a stranded lady, suddenly became an unexpected love affair between Wil and Hetty.

The two grew fond of each other and soon, Hetty knew every corner on campus due to their occasional stops to either have a chat, eat or cuddle in Wilson's car.

All this while, Hetty had it at the back of her mind that, she would never have sex with Wilson, despite the growing indications of that possibility.

From a staunch Christian background, her mum had consistently reiterated to her the need to stay pure.

According to her mum, it is important for young girls to abstain from sexual engagements until marriage, and after years of emphasizing this, Hetty, together with her sisters, had all vowed not to go under the sheets with any man.

"Wilson, I love you but I just can't do this. Why don't you just wait for us to get married, please?". This was Hetty's plea when Wilson made an attempt to get intimate with her.

Though she had been giving in to other fantasies, she kept her grounds about not having sex, despite the urge and the repeated requests from Wilson.

Hetty was resolute until one day, the devil had the better part of her.

Returning from class, she decided to pass by Wilson's end. Walking to his room, she had in her hand a pack of food which she intended for them to have as lunch.

Wilson gladly ushered her in, and as usual, they sat on his bed amidst laughter and hearty conversations.

But the movie they were watching, would prove to be the push for them to have sex for the first time.

"Come on, it's just the tip, nothing more", a character in the movie said to his girlfriend in the movie.

Hearing that, Hetty became very curious. "What's the tip", she enquired seriously from Wilson".

"Lol. It's like the edge of a man's organ. Nothing serious. And yeah, for people you don't really want to have sex, that's what they often do".

Hetty was intrigued. The explanation made sense to her. Looking at Wilson's face, she thought to herself that she could have some sexual pleasure without it being necessarily sex.

Consumed by the desire to be adventurous, she closed the laptop from which they were watching the movie gave Wilson a rather inviting but shy look.

"Ermm ... Okay, let's try. Just the tip, right?", she said.

Wilson acted reluctantly. As though he was not happy. Meanwhile, he was thrilled by the invitation from Hetty.

Without wasting any time, the two started kissing intensely and in a short while, clothes were lying disorderly in the room.

Then came the moment of truth! The 'tip', as Hetty had earlier been made to understand was just the edge of Wilson's manhood, rubbing over her vagina without an actual penetration.

This was actually the agreement between the two and when Wilson started it, Hetty couldn't help but to wriggle and moan as though she were being electrocuted.

Wilson went on and on until he started penetrating Hetty a little. Hetty consented and they two lovebirds were excited.

This continued for a while, until Wilson finally ejaculated. His discharge however sat on Hetty's belly, without going into her.

The two lovers looked at each other excitedly and they hugged themselves into sleep.

But two weeks later, Hetty started having some unusual reactions. She became weak and her roommates observed her prolonged hours of sleep.

"No! It can't be! How come you're pregnant?", Wilson wondered after returning from the hospital with Hetty.

Hetty was shocked as well. Because after all, it was just the tip of Wilson's manhood that made contact with her. How come she got pregnant then? ...

Now here's how it may have happened after all.

From the account, Wilson did not fully penetrate Hetty. He simply 'brushed' her and went in briefly, so to speak. So how come she got pregnant? ...

Here's why. When a man gets erect, there's often a discharge that comes from the tip of his penis, which is often referred to as 'pre-cum'.

This 'pre-cum' is not under the control of the man, and in most cases, some men don't even see it.

However, some portions of pre cum may contain sperms in them, which can lead to pregnancy.

Reserachers say, while pre-cum generally does not contain sperms, it is hard to tell if a particular discharge of pre-cum has sperms in it or not.

This further explains why the withdrawal method is not an advisable way of preventing pregnancy, since the erect penis may have pre-cum that contains some amount of semen.

In the case of Wilson, his slight entry apparently had pre-cum which had semen in it, hence Hetty's pregnancy.

The two upon discovering what may have happened were disappointed, but a great lesson had dawned on them.

It is worth indicating again that because pre-cum may contain semen, it can also result in sexualy transmitted infections apart from pregnancy.

Therefore, at all times, practice safe sex and save yourself the headache. Because you can never tell when a particular discharge of pre-cum has sperms in it or not. Adios!

The author of this educative fictional piece is a writer, a corporate MC and a journalist with The Multimedia Group by name is Paa Kwesi Schandorf.

Paa Kwesi Schandorf

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DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.