Black Stars head coach, Milovan Rajevac

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) spokesperson says new Black Stars coach, Milovan Rajevac’s experience in African football influenced the targets they set for him.

According to Henry Asante, when signing on a coach who already knows the terrain and understands the system, GFA would not compromise and set substandard targets.

He told Evans Mensah on JoyNews Top Story on Friday that “the coach understands the expectations of Ghanaians, He’s been here before, he knows our mentality, and he knows how we love our game.

“In giving a contract to a person who already understands the system, who knows the terrain, you wouldn’t set targets that are below our standard,”

This comes after the GFA finally made official the return of Milovan Rajevac as head coach of the Black Stars for a second time.

Rajevac’s contract is expected to end on September 19, 2022, but it will be automatically extended to February 28, 2023, if he qualifies for the 2024 FIFA World Cup.

The GFA has promised him a financial package of $300,000 to qualify the country to the Mundial.Rajevac’s first task is to end Ghana’s near 40 years wait to win the AFCON title.

That has been indicated as part of his requirements.

Ghana is in Group C alongside Morocco, Gabon, and Comoros. If he is able to win the tournament, he will be rewarded with a $300,000 financial package.

The GFA spokesperson told Evans Mensah that the two tasks, winning the AFCON and qualifying for the world cup, were key points of discussion during the negotiation period, especially since the senior national team has not fared well in recent times.

Mr Asante stated that the Association expects that with Mr Rajevac’s experience, which includes taking Ghana to the finals of the 2010 AFCON finals and quarter-finals of the world cup, he will see that the national team is the national team improves significantly.

“When you qualify for the world cup, it comes with immense benefits, to boost your country, the value of your players will go high, and you get to be counted among the best team as well.

“[For AFCON] once next year is exactly 40 years since we won the title it is only fair that we make it a point to attempt to win it one more time,” he added.

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