Euro 2020 key sponsor Hisense Ghana, the electronic giant, has made good on its pledge to Asante Kotoko and players who scored against the Porcupine Warriors in the just-ended Premier League.

A few days ago, Kotoko, who finished second in the 2020/21 league season, received a cheque for ¢135,000 for keeping clean sheets for 27 matches at the Len Clay Stadium in Obuasi.

On the same day, Elmina Sharks’ Faisal Mustapha took home a cheque for ¢5,000 for scoring against Kotoko in the first round.

Again, Elmina Sharks’ Tahir Mensah, who scored the winning goal against Kotoko on the final day of this season’s league, received a cheque for ¢5,000.

At the Cape Coast Stadium, Bechem United’s Steven Owusu Kaakyire received a cheque for ¢5,000 from officials of Hisense for scoring against Kotoko on matchday 33.

At the same time, Medeama’s Richard Boadu took home a cheque for ¢5,000 at the Akon Stadium in Tarkwa.

Earlier at the Accra Stadium, current league champions Hearts of Oak’s Daniel Afriyie Barnieh had his share of the reward package (¢5,000) after scoring against the Porcupine Warriors in their crucial decider totalling ¢160,000.

The reward package was instituted by the management of Hisense to promote goal scoring and a high level of competition among players in the top-flight league.

Officials of Hisense, in separate interviews after the presentations, said, “Management thought it prudent to institute this scheme to promote goal scoring, and I must admit it has paid off.”

In like manner, the recipients in separate interviews applauded Hisense Ghana for making good on its pledge.

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