Professor Samuel Kobina Annim is the Government Statistician

Expenditure for household in urban areas shot up by more than 12 per week, as a result of the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is part of findings by the Ghana Statistical Service 3rd Wave Household and Job Tracker Survey which is aimed at highlighting the plight of households after the effect of COVID-19 pandemic. 

The survey which focused on expenditure of Covid-19 related activities indicated that urban communities especially in the coastal belt spent at least ¢12 more every week on Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) during the peak of the pandemic.

“The median expenditure on PPEs (masks, sanitisers, face shields, etc.) per household on the seven days before the interviews was ¢12.0 and the mean expenditure ¢22.0. Median expenditure is slightly higher in urban areas (¢14) than in rural areas (¢10.3). Of the zones both the median (¢15) and mean (¢25.3) expenditure was the highest in the coastal zone” 

Meanwhile, 4.2% of households who got income from pension saw the smallest change of their income source. 76.7% reported no change in pension income, 13.0% a reduction and 10.3% an increase

Deputy Government Statistician, Dr. Faustina Frempong said the survey is critical to the development of the economy post COVID-19 recovery.

The report further revealed that many Ghanaian’s have still not tested for the virus due to the fear of stigmatization.

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