Sometimes, in a broken relationship, men would want to bring the spark again by getting their girl friends back. Sad to say, some couldn’t win the game.

Why? Here are top three things that men do that keep their ex-girlfriends away from them:

First thing is acting depressed to get your ex-girl friend’s attention:

First things first, women want confident and assertive men. So acting contrary to that will just drain their remaining attraction for you. If you think trying to act depressed will bring your girl friend back think again. You’re even pushing her even far away from you.

Second, is buying gifts. This kind of style symbolizes an act of desperation, so definitely, getting her back is impossible. Attracting her with buying a few stuffs wouldn’t work either. If I were you, I will stop concentrating on these acts of desperation and start re-attracting her.

And lastly, rationally convincing her and using logic: Factually, women are very emotional. So, whenever they make decisions, they do it with their emotions. By that concept, using logic to bring her back will only put a slap on your face.

Most men can fully relate to the information above; and I know that you’re very eager to get some tips on how to win your girlfriend back.

First things first, you must know what really attracts women. Below are some psychological acts on how to re-attract your ex- girlfriend:

The main reason why the above three examples don’t work is because women convey neediness and insecurity. These are actions that fend off women, unlike anything else.

The Push/Pull Theory:

When you perform disinterest, you call” it a ‘push’. And when perform interest; you call it ‘pull’. It’s just simple. You need to balance your actions when dealing with them. On one time, you show her that you’re not even interested in the things she does and on another time, show her that you appreciate her. Simple as it is, but this can increase her attraction to you.

The most important thing that you do in dealing with a relationship is just being true to yourself. There’s no harm in doing it. You need to stop buying gifts for her and start being a man that you were. Also, you have to let her feel the fear of losing you.

Source: The Mirror