“For better, for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health … till death do us part.” There are some of the powerful promises we make to our partners before God and witnesses to show we are taken.

We start a happy life, feeling on top of the world. Soon, our thoughts and our deeds show we made the promises with our mouths but not with our hearts. Today, weddings don’t have much safer stand than other forms of marriage.

Why weddings?

Marriage is a lifelong commitment of a man and a woman sharing their lives together. It is of God and by God. Partners find each other but marriages are made in heaven when God calls us into a covenant relationship to serve Him through the services we give to our partners. During weddings, we sanctify marriages in God’s name and show our obedience to His call. We also honour our women who are wedded by the men. It is a woman’s day because a woman’s greatest need is the quality and security of relationship.

How to honour your promise

Attitude. Have a positive mental attitude about yourself, your lover and your relationship. Nothing can happen to you that you haven’t put into your subconscious mind. Your marriage will be as good as you think of it. You can make yourself happy even out of a difficult situation. You can always use your mind to win it. You see yourself as winning and you will win.

Togetherness. Partners must commit themselves to each other and share life’s experience. They must enjoy companionship and support with acts of kindness. Partners must appreciate each other, no matter how small we see what our partners do for us. It then becomes easier to play down on the weaknesses of our lovers. Closeness of partners through effective communication solidifies marriages.

Faithfulness. Marriage is a lifelong fidelity of spouses to each other. Partners must show loyalty, not based on what lovers do for or against them but see what they do as service to God. People change. Partners must, therefore, keep learning from each other so that they can do their best to meet them.

Forgiveness. Conflicts are part of all relationships. It is impossible to have a relationship without conflict. If you want to honour your promise, you have no option but to forgive whatever offences our partners commit against us.

Forgiveness is a healing process. The more you forgive, the more you see God’s love in your relationship. Love can’t grow in a heart full of bitterness, anger and hostility. True love has a high price. Forgiveness reminds us of our own weaknesses. It gives us humility, the mother of all virtues.

There can be no healthy marriage without forgiveness. God commands you to forgive your partner unconditionally because it is the only key that unlocks you from the prison of marital destruction to the freedom of enjoying the benefits of marriage.

Reconciliation. Partners must make every effort to restore their marriage through effective resolution. All marriages can be restored as couples remember the promises they have made before man and God.

Prayer. Appreciate the importance of God in your marriage. When God instituted marriage, He created a custom-made vacuum which fits only Him. If you want a divorce-free or joyous marriages pray in positive trust and dependency.

Invite God to do for you what only He can do. If you want to remain in control of your marriage, it never works. The arm of the flesh would fail you. A viable marriage is only possible with total dependency on God who instituted it and calls us to share in the mystery of marriage. See your marriage from God’s perspective and believe that He will continually bless you as you choose to serve Him through your marriage.

All marriages have their ups and downs. Problems in your marriage do not mean there is something wrong with it. Divorce has never been a solution but a problem. You are your words. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Circumstances may change but let, your words stay.

Do you remember your promises: “For better, for worse … till death do us part?” Let it be so, still.

Source: The Mirror
Author: John Boakye; e-mail: jydboakye@yahoo.com


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