Gospel musician Michael Oware Sakyi popularly known as OJ has revealed that as a family man, he puts aside his celebrity status and do basic household chores such as scrubbing the bathroom. 

According to the musician, he makes a conscious effort to be himself as he plays the role of a father and a husband to the best of his abilities because those roles have nothing to do with being a celebrity.

Partaking in a father’s day conversation on Joy FM’s flagship family and relationship show, Home Affairs, OJ told host Edem Knight-Tay that  ‘at home I am not OJ, at home I am a father to my children and a husband to my wife, so I don’t bring this celebrity thing at home’.

He added that ‘if I have to scrub the bathroom and do other cleaning jobs at home, I just get on with it.'

The 'Nipa hia mmoa' singer explained that "at home, the policy is that when you finish bathing, you make sure you tidy the bathroom up for the next person. So whether you’re the king or the princess, when you finish, tidy it up’.

The father of 3, also stated that a mark of a good father is one who shows his family he is human with flaws and admit when he is wrong and apologises.

OJ said this will help children especially to learn to be humble, grow in humility but warned that fathers who project themselves as supermen won't do their family any good. 

For the award-winning singer, it is important for fathers to encourage and raise their kids with experiences of not only success but failures and struggles as well.

‘Children may have a tough environment outside the home for instance at school, but once they are home, you must let them know you are there to comfort them,' he said.

Rev Alan Okemeng-Mensah, who was also on the show, likened a good father to a root of a tree.

According to him ‘we’re not seen, but we provide all the anchor and support for the stem and the branches and the flowers to show off fruit to the world.’

He said as a father one must ‘do all manner of things, let them run over your head, wet your head [with urine when they are little]…whatever it is, just be there for them’.

Also on the show was Head of Talk Programmes at Joy FM, Nhyira Addo, who stressed the need for bonding with one's children even before they are born.

Sharing his own experiences, he testified to how helpful it is spending time with one's pregnant wife in fostering a friendship with children when they are born.

Watch a video of the show below:



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