The prime suspect in the alleged coup plot, Dr Frederick MacPalm, has described as preposterous the allegations levelled against him.

He insists he had no such intention and simply organized like-minded people due to his dissatisfaction with issues in the country.

Dr MacPalm on Tuesday took the offer from the District Court to speak for the first time after the state prosecutors had asked that he should be committed to stand trial at the High Court.

Senior State Attorney Hilda Craig had told the court that some of them held discussions on whether or not to kill the President once their plot succeeds.

They are also alleged to have planned to acquire electronic equipment solely for the purpose of jamming the National Communications Authority (NCA)’s system to render all broadcasting stations except the state broadcaster useless.

Dr MacPalm first touched on his practice as a Medical Doctor saying he was trained in the United States of America. He revealed he returned sometime in 2009 to start a practice in Ghana.

The location of his medical facility Citadel Hospital at Alajo brought him into contact mostly with the vulnerable. He said this led him to provide mostly free medical treatment.

He said he took inspiration and formed an NGO named Take Action Ghana to solve various challenges facing society. He said they had since formation in 2018 embarked on outreach programs in the Upper West, Western and Eastern regions.

He said the violence that marred the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election got him worried

“We saw what went on and thought there was some political twist. We started gathering information, video clips from various journalist to put together to stage a demonstration because we thought what was going on in this country was detrimental to the lives of the people. This was the basis of our demonstration”.

He proceeds to state this was why he recruited people like ACP Agordzo and it had nothing to do with any coup plot.

“That’s how I galvanized people like ACP Agordzo and a few others on my Whatsapp platform. I emphasize that we never and ever discussed anything like coup d’etat.

“I believe, the organization TAG from its aims and objectives put fear into the powers that be so they turned around to cripple my organization and charging me with these crimes. It is based on falsehood, preposterous and I deny them absolutely”