Veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio’s financial situation has garnered national attention in the past few days.

Details available show that he received an additional sum from the Office of the Chief of Staff before the donations, making rounds in the press.

The actor, known in the 2000s TV hit ‘Taxi Driver’, has already admitted being financially distressed.

Many people are shocked by the development, considering that many donations poured in for him in September last year, when he openly pleaded for support to pay his rent.


Ei🥵 TT got Ghs40k from Chief of Staff aside Bawumia’s Ghs50k? How’s he begging for leftovers now.

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This included ¢50,000 from Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia and a monthly ¢1,500 stipend from Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey.

Interestingly, T. T. insists that his fortunes have not changed that much as he was heard in a leaked audio begging for leftover food earlier this week.

“MzGee, good afternoon; I’m wondering if you would have some leftovers in your kitchen to spare,” he said.

The issue has been greeted with mixed reactions, with many questioning his financial choices.

In an interview on Accra-based Okay FM, T. T. said he received a call from the Office of the Chief of Staff in September 2021, confirming if his phone was registered to his Mobile Money account.

Mr Adjetefio said he responded in the affirmative and the next thing he knew, his account had been credited with the money.

“They sent ¢40,000 directly into my MoMo account…They were the first people,” he said on Wednesday, January 12.

This brings to ¢90,000 the donations on record to have been received by Psalm Adjetefio.

On how he expended the Chief of Staff’s money, the veteran actor spoke in parables;

“If you’ve been on the road I’ve travelled, you will realise that it has a lot of potholes. You have to buy gravels to fill the holes to reach a uniform level before you continue,” he explained.

“You’re a single parent with three kids. If you have children who have reached adulthood and you have to help them to be stable… and you get such money, there are already financial pressures to be offset.”

My helpers have ditched me – T.T.

In the earlier leaked audio, he explained that all other potential donors backed off upon hearing the announcement of the Vice President’s gesture.

“Right now, the situation has created a lot of problems for me; you know a lot of people used to help me a lot…I even understood that some people have contributed some money in the U.S to be sent to me, the moment they heard it, everybody went for their money,” he said.

He further revealed that after receiving the first tranche of the Greater Accra Minister’s donation, the rest is yet to hit his account.

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