A Swedru District Magistrate Court presided over by Mr. N.K.E Osam, has convicted one Madam Mary Danso for allegedly stealing Jewelries and other valuables worth about GH¢110.00 belonging to one Abena Esther.

She also stole an amount of GH¢50.00 from one Akotei.

According to police prosecutor, Detective Sergeant Boateng, on July 5 this year, the accused went to the house of the complainant (Abena Esther) at Agona Nyakorm around 7pm to pay her a visit.

Sergeant Boatey said that noticing that there was nobody in the house, the accused sent a small girl who was left alone there to buy her bread.

In the child’s absence the accused allegedly made away with her friend’s personal belongings. The accused, Madam Danso, pleaded with the court to forgive her, indicating that she stole the items to save her poverty stricken family and that she wanted to sell the items to take care of her two children.

The accused, a native of Gomoa Nyenyano, stated that her husband traveled in search of a job, leaving her and the children with no money to live on.

The court however, asked her to sign a bond fee of GH¢1,000 and refund the cost of the stolen items and other expenditure of the complainant valued at GH¢160, or serve a jail sentence of 6 months with hard labour.

The district Magistrate court, however, called for investigations into the alleged GH¢50.00 cash stolen by the accused, claiming that there was no evidence to support the case.

Source: The Ghanaian Observer/Ghana


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