S3FA & Grace Jeanet Mason

Her Excellency Grace Jeanet Mason seems to be enjoying the buzz she is getting on social media for pronouncing the word ‘E Choke’ wrongly.

Originally pronounced ‘E Choke’ in Pidgin English, the S.A. High Commissioner applied the Zulu orientation in mentioning the word because it appeared “alien” to her.

She accidentally gave the word a new sound, which eventually led to a new spelling, ‘E Chokee’.

Dazzled by the excitement it generated on social media, Her Excellency decided to adopt the song, ‘E Choke’, as her favourite, to the extent of wanting to arrange an Amapiano/South African remix for SƐFA.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Thursday, Her Excellency said: “I will ask the artist to remix it, or maybe ask for a Ghana-South Africa collaboration.

“I will get a South African artist to come and redo this song into an Amapiano version, my version, and title it E Chokee,” she told Andy Dosty.

Before this, the diplomat was granted the honour to present the Best Afrobeats Song of the Year award —a category S3FA won with her song E Choke featuring Mr Drew at VGMA23.

The unintended mispronunciation of the word ‘E Choke’ by the S.A. High Commissioner had the auditorium roaring with laughter and cheers. Although she was puzzled by the audience’s reaction, she kept her composure and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Social media was driven into a frenzy moments after the presentation was made. Her Excellency went viral in seconds.

Not only did she become a social media sensation, but it was also reflected in her social media following – Instagram—where she earned over 1,000 followers over the weekend.

The diplomat instantly became a meme after some Ghanaian “Tiktokers” remixed her mispronunciation of the word ‘E Choke’, and shared it on their platforms.

Reacting to this, she said: “I will say thank you to all my supporters,” via Hitz FM.

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