There have been a lot of talks inside and outside of the Big Brother house regarding Ghanaian housemate, Kacey Moore’s relationships with the female housemates – particularly Ellah.

His close relationship with some of the ladies has been described as disrespectful to his wife, whom he talks about often in the house.

The development has even led to some housemates nominating Kacey simply for that reason in the past two weeks.

So how does his wife feel about all this? Kacey’s wife, Leslie who is in South Africa told Ameyaw Debrah in an interview that: “In my opinion, Kacey went into Big Brother House to play the game, to entertain and showcase his talent. So far I have not felt any disrespect from him.”

She added that: “He’s been close to the people and more close to certain housemates and I know of all that. Living in a house under lock and restriction is not easy. It’s only normal for him to find people he can share some close moments with.

Leslie warned that: “He has not French-kissed anybody neither has he engaged in and sexual relations. If I feel disrespected or feel our marriage is in danger, I will pull him out of that house myself; trust me on that.”

“So far he’s been a wonderful husband and father and I’m proud of him. People should not judge without experiencing the circumstances first.”