Abdul Hamid Ibrahim known in showbiz as Zeal of hiplife group VVIP says he will be a fool if he accepts former group member Emmanuel Ababio known as Promzy back into the group.

Zeal, who was answering a question on whether he would accept Promzy back into the group on the Taxi Driver Show with Blakk Rasta on Hitz FM said he believes no one would accept people who betray them.

He said, "Even God forgives us but you'll be a fool to entertain anyone who betrays you, I can't be a fool, no one wants to be a fool but it has to be the decision of all the members.”

Last Thursday, Promzy posted a picture of himself clutching a gun with a caption warning new member of the group, Reggie Rockstone on Facebook asking Reggie to shut up before things turn ugly.

“All this threats and stuff is not necessary, we are all musicians all we do is music so all you have to do is get back to the studio and do what you do best and prove to people you can do better,” Zeal suggested.

Talking about what led to Promzy's exit from the group, Zeal said, Promzy came up with an idea that they all release individual solo songs to prove to people that they are capable of doing different things.

He said Prodigal released a song title ‘DJ’ first and after two weeks when it was time for Promzy to release his he said he was not ready so “I released my song titled 'Human Dzata' to give Promzy enough time to prepare.”

“We got back to him again after two weeks to release his song and he said he wanted to do a video before releasing the song but the initial idea was to just release song to get people talking,” Zeal added.

This he said gave them reason to believe that something was wrong but said, “All we wanted was just to protect the group so we went along with everything he said. When it was time to release the video, he said he was waiting for something, then he came to introduce some eight people to us as his management team.”

Zeal said after their annual Salah Feast in 2013, Promzy did not show up at another show they had to perform in Cape Coast but called for a meeting after two days.

According to Zeal, “he said he wants to be a solo artiste and he can't go on faking with us, thinking we are all in the same group but he is not happy with us he wants to be alone and all this while Reggie was not in the picture.”

“Promzy is a grown guy we can't force him to do what he doesn't want to do but we will support him but myself and Prodigal will try and keep the Vision In Progress alive,” Zeal added.

Zeal noted that, its true we came from Nima but VIP was never a violent group our message is to let people understand that we can have great role models from the hood.