Special Prosecutor nominee Kissi Agyebeng has stated that although he possesses the virtue of perseverance, he would give up the position of Special Prosecutor when issues become unbearable if he is given the nod.

He said this at his vetting on Thursday during an interaction with the Techiman North MP, Ofosu-Agyare.

The MP asked him about the circumstances surrounding the resignation of his predecessor, Martin Amidu.

In his resignation letter, she said the former Special Prosecutor stated that he did not see eye to eye with the appointing authority, the President, stressing his independence in the performance of his duties was being meddled with.

Page 1 of Mr Amidu’s resignation letter she said stated that “Limited transaction convinces me beyond every reasonable doubt that you had lived under the false belief that I could hold the office of the Special Prosecutor as your puddle.”

Page 2 read, “It thus, becomes abundantly clear to me that I cannot continue under your government as the Special Prosecutor because we disagree on the non-partisan independence of the Special Prosecutor in the performance of the functions of my office.”

She, therefore, asked, “If you find yourself in this situation with the President who appointed your predecessor, what will you do?”

In response, Mr Kissi Agyebeng stated, “There are two choices for a person. You either resign or go ahead. I persevere, and if my conscience and my learning of the law as I said are going to be my guide, my first inclination will be to persevere because that is my calling and that is the oath that I have sworn unless it becomes so unbearable, then I’ll say the Republic should take its job.”

He, however, insisted that “I am not that kind of person. I am not predisposed to that kind of open confrontation, and that is very bad.”

Meanwhile, to ensure the fight against corruption is successful, the nominee who has been recommended for approval by the Appointments Committee few hours after his vetting has urged public members to throw their support behind the Office of Special Prosecutor.

“Without the cooperation of all of us, I will not be able to achieve much. Therefore, I will call on all Ghanaians; if we are tired of corruption, yes, we are tired of corruption. I need everyone’s help, input; let us change our attitudes and let us fight this fight together,” he admonished.

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