The lovely maidens have been hanging out with African Movie Star Ekow Smith Asante, as they compete for their biggest movie role in this Week’s Special Task.

African Movie Star Ekow Smith Asante has been in the House with the maidens since Tuesday as Casting Director with Phill Bernard as Director, coaching the girls on a special script which was staged and presented to the King last night.

They spent countless hours coaching our girls in acting and discussing movies and the industry. They left them with a movie script but not after they had rehearsed it in front of the experts.

Although not all of the maidens did well in the beginning, it seemed there was a lot of potential in the house as the comments of the experts were quite friendly even to Jay who was told that she had no idea what she was doing – but that was just for the laughs.

Our maidens didn’t sleep much Tuesday Night because rehearsal went on deep into the night. Yesterday, they had a first run of what it is they had been rehearsing all night and while most of it was noisy and annoying they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

From the lay man’s point of view, it was Promzy and Chichi who stood out. Promzy landed a male role and walked around swinging a machete as she worked hard to mimic a male intimidating voice that frankly did not work very well. Chichi however was a rebellious princess who disagreed with everything Promzy character (her father) stood for- tradition.

The director worked the maidens for a while and left to come back later with the great Ekow Smith Asante for the final showdown.

The whole act is going to be presented again later today at full capacity where the best among the lot well appear in a real movie soon to be produced. Sweet!

As only one maiden will win the heart of the king and the prize attached to it, it appears our maidens who don’t win will at least get a shot at some opportunities like this with which they can build a career.

I have no doubt that everyone is going to give it their best shot as this is an opportunity of a life time and hopefully we will witness a good show.

Yours truly will fill you in on what happens. Better yet- get your MultiTV Digibox now and let’s have some fun as our lovely maidens compete for a movie role.