Referee of the game between Hearts of Oak and Elmina Sharks, Maxwell Kofi Owusu, has apologised over his performance after making some controversial calls.

Owusu was involved in the turning point of the game when he awarded a penalty to Hearts after it was deemed the Sharks defender prevented a goal with his arm.

However, replays suggested the ball came off the player’s shoulder, hence the decision shouldn’t have stood.

To make matters worse for Sharks, Isaac Donkor was sent off after aggressively protesting the penalty decision.

The subsequent penalty was missed by Victor Aidoo and should have been retaken after the linesman lifted his flag to signal the goalkeeper moved off the line. Owusu ignored and play continued.

"I'm not proud of it" - referee for Hearts v Sharks game apologises for errors

The Phobians went on to win the game 2-0 and moved to second on the table.

Owusu in a social media post apologised for his mistakes during the game.

He said: “This was absolutely not a good decision.”

“I’m not proud of it. A lot of people have been hurt. I am hurt too.”

It remains unclear if there will be punishment for Owusu from the Ghana Football Association.