Musician Nii Okunka Blankson known in the industry as Knii Lante has called for an improvement in the organization of the Ghana Music Awards.

"The Ghana Music Awards thing, I think they are doing very well, no, no let me not say very well. They are doing quite well and there is far more room for improvement" Knii Lante said.

Speaking on Hitz FM’s Entertainment This Week with Mzgee, the ‘Baby take good care’ singer says the categorization of the awards was inadequate.

He thinks more room should be made for other genres of music, like jazz.

"I think we could have a little more genre because I mean I go to +233 sometimes and I see that people are playing Jazz and these are Ghanaians playing Jazz so for example I think it would be good to have a jazz category to encourage people to play.

Music like jazz, highlife and afro, juju music is what really strengthens the foundation to put out a unique brand of hiphop ……I think it would be good to recognize those who play R&B, people who play soul.

Knii Lante who doubles as a medical doctor has also called for the separation of genres reggae and dance hall from the same category.

“As far as the genre is concerned too, it would be good to have some better distinction because I don't see how you can put dancehall and reggae in the same genre".

The 2010/2011 male vocalist of the year at the Ghana Music Awards had some praise for the organizers but said a lot could be done to improve it.

"I appreciate what they are doing,  probably in the absence of that, we wouldn't have had nothing at all so I mean we go with it and lets try to improve it.  If we have ideas let’s chip it in and try to improve it. It is been a great source of motivation and encouragement to so many musicians including myself. 

“I have been a recipient of an award and you don't have any idea how that motivated me,  I mean I didn't sleep that night, I was so happy, it motivated me to learn more about singing and do some more vocal training”, he added.





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