The University of Ghana Parliament House welcomes the decision by the various teacher associations to suspend their weeklong strike action.

This will undoubtedly bring remarkable relief to thousands of students who are writing their West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination as well as Basic Education Certificate Examination.

The house believes that the issue of labour remuneration and productivity should be looked at critically. This is because the incessant recurrence of strike actions by public workers underscores some level of systemic failure as well as mistrust and lack of confidence in the institutions of state.

The consequences of this situation are not lost on any of us. Among others, it slows the development of the nations and erodes the spirit of volunteerism since it gives the impression that labour is only as important as its money value. The house believes that if this is not checked, our collective conscience as a nation will be shattered and the development of our dear nation will be immeasurably jeopardized.

In this light, the house calls on stakeholders to put permanent preventive measures in place to check all forms of labour agitations. Instead of waiting for labour issues to arise before we react to them, we must proactively devise measures that will prevent these issues in the long term.

These measures must elicit desired work output from workers while safeguarding their labour interests. Only this way can we build Ghana, our motherland. In all things at all times, we must remember in our actions and inactions, individually and collectively that it is a great nation that we have been given by the past and it is only a greater nation we must give to posterity.

God bless our Homeland Ghana.

SIGNED: (OFFICE OF THE SPEAKER) SPEAKER: Rt. Hon. Noah Agbeko Dumanya – 0242520754
1ST DEPUTY SPEAKER: Rt. Hon. Amegah Regina – 0274116410
2ND DEPUTY SPEAKER: Rt. Hon. Hardi Yakubu – 0243931165