A Ten-Man committee of the Adventist Accrediting  Association (A.A.A), is to visit Valley View University (VVU) from Tuesday, November 12 for a 3 day visit to evaluate the academic programs at the University.

The A.A.A. – an internal evaluation body of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church educational institutions worldwide – oversees adherence to stringent standards set for over 100 tertiary institutions under its jurisdiction around the world.

"The accreditation of VVU by A.A.A. predates our becoming the first accredited private university in Ghana by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) of the Ministry of Education," an official communication by the VVU said.

The team’s activities will include scrutinizing documents prepared by the University and interviewing university administrators, faculty and staff as well as some students. The University Council will have an interaction with the team during the second day.
They will also conduct thorough inspection of university facilities as part of the evaluation exercise.
The University’s finances shall also be audited as part of the exercise.
The religious aspect of the University shall also be evaluated due to the unique nature of the kind of education VVU offers.

VVU offers holistic education which combines faith and learning to nurture students towards building a better a society and a nation. And this is always the primary objective of all SDA institutions.
The visiting AAA team is comprised of Dr John Wesley Taylor, Associate Director, World Education department of the SDA Church, Silver Spring Maryland, USA; Dr Davenia Lea, Associate Director for Education, North American Division of SDA;  Prof. Chiemela Ikonne, Education Director, West-Central African Division, Cote d'Ivoire; Mr Lawrence Shalk, Vice President for Finance Administration, Andrews University, Michigan;

Other members are Dr Steve Guptil, President, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS), Philippines; Dr Robert D. Young, Vice-President for Academic Administration, Southern Adventist University, Tennessee, USA; Dr Iheanyi Okoro, Vice President for Academic Administration, Babcock University, Nigeria; Dr (Mrs.) Clara Okoro, Librarian, Babcock University Nigeria.

The rest are Dr Joseph Masinda, Rector, Adventist University of Consendai, Cameroun; Pastor Houl Elie, Head of Theology Department, Adventist University of Consendai Cameroun, and Elder Peter Yaw Frempah, Education Director for Ghana Union Conference, Accra. The leader of the team is Dr Taylor.

"Belonging to an international body like A.A.A. gives VVU a wider scope and facilitates further exchanges among international institutions, from the Far East to Europe and North America as well as within Africa. It is one of the rare advantages VVU has as a private tertiary institution in Ghana.

"It must be stated that credits and programs within all the A.A.A accredited schools are transferable easing the ability of VVU students to continue their education in other countries. In addition, students find it easier to apply for international programs at any institution because of the stringent international standards set by the A.A.A".

In April 2008, VVU was among the 107 universities and colleges worldwide granted accreditation by the AAA and is subjected to scrutiny after every five years.    


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