A concerned citizen has called for a review of the remunerations lawmakers enjoy in the country.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show last Thursday, the caller, only known as King, said it is time for politicians to pay for their own fuel and other utility bills.

According to him, the decision will give law makers a fair idea of challenges ordinary Ghanaians face in paying the sporadic increment of fuel prices in less than six months.

Government in the 2021 Budget Statement proposed a 5.7 per cent increment in prices of petrol and diesel as part of its recovery efforts post Covid-19.

The decision, however, has not been a pleasing news to the majority of Ghanaians.

King being a car owner also said government has been insensitive to the plight of the citizenry.

Also, he complained about the lackadaisical attitude being demonstrated by the legislature who are to serve as a check to the Executive.

For King, politicians, particularly, the legislature only fight for their parochial benefits and not that of the country or electorates, as such, a review of their compensation would keep them on their toes.

“Our politicians and big men, don’t they think it is time for them to pay for their fuel? I know that they don’t pay for fuel and utility. I am sure that if they are to take their money and pay or these things they will feel the pinch and also fight for us but because they get it for free they do not talk for us, all they want is their allowances.

“And look at the huge allowances they take, if there is any money that needs to be given to them, see the way they fight for it but they don’t fight for us,” he told host Kojo Yankson.

Observing how commodities have increased horrendously within a decade, another caller, Agyare, on his part suggested that government must intervene and stablise prices for a while.

This, he said, will be a sustainable method on relieving the financial burden on the citizenry for a period of time.

“Sometimes I pause a while to ask myself, that if you really calculate on how our prices are going up day in and day out I ask myself whether it is possible for prices will actually reduce at some point. Because since 2000 till date, there hasn’t been a year that prices have decreased it rather keeps increasing.

So I think we must all have a broader discussion about it as to how we can stabilise the prices for a while so that for about four or five years prices will be static for some time  it will help all of us.