In recent times, the conversation around the royalty system in Ghana has been on the lips of many musicians; one of such is musician Stonebowy.

The multiple award-winning artiste disclosed not long ago that he has only received ¢2,000 as royalties since he became a musician.

The latest to join the list is Hiplife artiste Kwaw Kesse, who has disclosed that he has relocated abroad due to royalties issues in Ghana.

“I have been doing music in Ghana for like 20 years and giving back to back hits, but I never received anything in terms of copyright, royalty or any money that is due me, so I had to channel my energy to a different vibe, to a place where they will appreciate me and pay me for my efforts,” the rapper born Emmanuel Kofi Botchwey told Hitz News @ 1.

Kwaw Kesse, who has been out of the country for close to three years, said that even though the conversation is often brought up, nothing is done about it, and then it later dies down.

“We have to be able to feed family and stuffs like that,” he said.

When questioned on whether or not he is a registered member of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), ‘Abodam’ as he is affectionately called said, “I don’t see GHAMRO as any serious association so let’s forget about them.”

The Madtime Entertainment boss is currently promoting his latest song ‘BumBum’, which features Yaw ToG, Skonti, Ypee and Akata Yesu.

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