Controversial Ghanaian actress and rising musician Kisa Gbekle has dispelled claims that she has an amorous rela­tionship with ex-Black Stars' player, John Paintsil.

She told NEWS-ONE she has never in her life met John Paintsil.

"John can't date me because he is happily married and he is not even my friend. I have not met him before. But I would not mind meeting him. I will be grateful meeting him actually," the sexy looking Kisa said.

But she said "no comment" to a question about if she would date him when the opportunity presented itself.

Reports about their alleged clandestine love affair started when Kisa mentioned John Paintsil in her third single titled, 'Twerk'.

Questions are being asked about why she chose John Paintsil out of the millions of Ghanaian men she knows.

But Kisa said, "Actually the song is about a new dance call Twerk. So I was in the studio recording and 1 needed a name to rhyme with. I needed a foot­baller to make it creative and the name that came on mind first was John Paintsil. I also mentioned his name because I admire him so much. That line means that he saw me twerk- ing and he gave back pass. Back pass as in he passed the ball backwards. Seeing my ass and could not contain it and he gave proper back pass pi to watch me well."

Kisa started showbiz from Junior High School where people used to call her Suzzy Williams because she looked a little like her.

"I used do stage drama and dancing, so  when I went to Senior High School (SHS) I joined the drama troupe. I came out as one of the best and when I completed SHS, the Volta Regional Theatre sent me to Ghally wood, which I did well there too and had the Best Supporting Actress.

After Ghallywood, I went to Kumasi to do some movies there with my Ghallywood mates and came back to Accra. I met Director John Izedonmi and he gave me the first role in 'Stand By Me'in the English . sector. Later Abdul Salam took me and made me his secretary for Venus Films. I did a couple of movies there too and Director Pascal Amanfo also featured me in his movies," she explained.

"As for music, I've loved singing since 1 was child but 1 never thought I could actually do it when I grew old. But [my] music started this year April and I dropped my first [song] called 'Azonto International'.