This Friday 17th September 2021 the Valley View University will host the first edition of the Joy Business Campus Roadshow between 10 am and 12noon.

The Joy Business Campus Roadshow is an outreach programme that seeks to enable tertiary students’ access to formal sources of career guidance in order to help them make right occupational choices.

Unemployment or joblessness and working on poor salaries is the first, direct, and most severe impact of wrong career choices. Most people blame various situations but never find fault with themselves for making a wrong career choice.

The world around us is evolving even as you read this article. Therefore, there’s no point in blaming economic scenarios, the Ghanaian education system, or for that matter, government policies for failing at a career.

Hence the maiden Campus Roadshow will host successful career persons to share their experiences and give life hacks to choosing the right career and succeeding. Speakers are Head of JoyBusiness; Odelia Ntiamoah, Chief Executive of Premium Africa Holdings; Farouk Khailann, Founder of Hacklab Foundation; Foster Akugri, Public Relations Manager for Blue Skies; Alistair Djimatey and Chief Finance Officer at Value View University, Dr. Williams Peprah.

The roadshow is spearheaded by Joy Business and supported by Valley View University, Goil, Blue Skies, and Daliha foods.

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