Radio and television host KMJ The Royal Host is set to host a new online interactive show dubbed ‘Moments with Joy’ on the Joy Entertainment Facebook page @JoyEntertainmentGh
The show ‘Moments with Joy’ is an initiative to get personalities of the Joy brands even closer to their fans than they can imagine. The idea is to create joyous moments with listeners and viewers of all the brands. 
‘Moments with Joy’ will be up close and personal with loads of fun as presenters of the Joy brands (that is) JOY FM, JOY PRIME, JOY NEWS, AND Hitz FM share memorable moments with their audiences.

These interactions will be live sessions only on Facebook, @JoyEntertainmentGh at 2 pm Every Friday.

To fully catch and enjoy the ‘Moments with Joy’, you will have to follow and like the Joy Entertainment pages on Facebook and Instagram, @JoyEntertainmentGh.
‘Moments with Joy’ is powered by Joy Entertainment; we are large and in charge.

Joy Entertainment's KMJ to host 'Moments with Joy'

Speaking to the host KMJ, he expressed his excitement and readiness to take this to another level. ‘Moments with Joy’ is a great initiative, and I’m already in love with the whole concept.

“These are colleagues I’ve crossed paths with on the various Joy brands and appreciative of their hard work and will be fun being the conduit between them and our fans. Fans will have a great time, and that’s a promise. We’ve already researched this, and we know the viewers will have a good time. I’m just excited,” the host born Kpekpo Maxwell Justice said.
KMJ is one of Ghana’s finest radio/TV personalities, event MC, actor, voice-over-artist, entrepreneur, and brand influencer born with a highly earned apotheosis for being greatly riveting, voguish, result-oriented, and insightful traits that define a talented personality with many hats.
KMJ has interviewed many high profile personalities from all walks of life on both radio and television, notably; ex-Presidents John A. Kufuor and John Dramani Mahama; Vice President Vice Dr Mahamadu Bawumia, the former British High Commissioner to Ghana, Ian Walker and wife Claire Walker.
Others are Grammy award winner Gramps Morgan, Grammy Award Nominee Rocky Dawuni, Akon, Sarkodie, Samini, Aramide, Shatta Wale, Radio mogul Kwame Sefa Kayi, Boxing legend Azumah Nelson and a host of others.

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