Architect and Chief Operating Officer of Spektra Global, Karen Halm, has hosted 11 science girls from selected Junior and Senior High Schools in the Tema Municipality, in a mentorship initiative.

The initiative was focused on professionally grooming them in science and their personal career paths and in celebration of “International Day for Women and Girls in Science”.

The mentorship initiative, which was in three parts, had a personal/professional grooming session, a conversation on career guidance and a construction site field trip.

The day event is part of Mrs. Halm’s Personal Social Responsibility to contribute to girl science education and career development in Ghana.

She is optimistic that “the platform will help provide professional socialization and personal support to facilitate the ladies’ academic and career success”.

During the personal leadership session, Mrs. Halm urged the female students to be focused and look up to other women in science for motivation.

“As young girls in science, you must take bold steps and make decisions that will positively affect your life. Your studies must be your optimum drive and you need to always be time conscious” she added.

Mrs. Halm stated that young ladies interested in science need a lot of support because they still find themselves in a field largely dominated by males and may feel odd and different at certain points in their study and careers.

Drilling down to her field, Architect Halm explained the art and science of architecture to the young science students.

“Before a building comes to life, science is taken into consideration; that is the force of gravity, natural forces or occurrences, even the temperature of the environment is considered”, she said.

Selected students in their safety apparels were also given a tour of a construction site to help better visualise and marry Architecture with Science.

At a construction site for a 2000-seater church auditorium, architect Halm explained that, by its nature, architecture serves individuals, communities and cultures and should not be practised at the expense of the environment and the livelihood of the community.

“As young adults, if you are thinking of a career in architecture, remember to consistently be environmentally – friendly”, adding that “architects should always have the physical and mental health of individuals and communities at heart in the implementation of their work.

Students at the end of the event expressed their gratitude to architect Karen Halm for the mentorship initiative and the priceless insights provided on the importance of science in improving life.

“I have learnt a lot today, I never perceived architecture to be science and math inclined as explained by the Architect Karen Halm”, a student stated.

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science celebrated on 11th February, is implemented by UNESCO and UN-Women, in collaboration with institutions and civil society partners that aim to promote women and girls' access to and participation in science.

Globally, this year was celebrated under the theme: “Investment in Women & Girls in Science for Inclusive Green Growth”, a reminder that women and girls play a critical role in science and technology and the need for their participation to be strengthened to promote growth in society.