Kasapreko has responded positively to the President’s to local manufacturing companies to come out with solutions to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The beverage manufacturing company has started producing hand sanitisers produced per the World Health Organization (WHO) standards to ensure safe and clean hands.

They have also introduced rubbing alcohol at what they claim is at affordable prices, cheaper than what’s on the market”.

According to the company, “this forms as part of the company’s contribution to the national fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 

As a client-centred organization, there is the need to always meet the needs of the populace especially in unfortunate events like what we have.”

The panic buying of hand sanitizers has left a national shortage of the essential product amid the coronavirus outbreak.

From pharmacies to retail outlets these alcohol-based rubs are in high demand – leading to price-fixing and profiteering.

Checks at some pharmacies with limited supply show a 50ml hand sanitizer which was then going for ¢5 has shot up to ¢15 and even ¢20.