Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong

Member of Parliament of Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong says he’s currently constructing a 45 bedroom mansion at Tema.

Speaking to Joy News’ Mamavi in an exclusive interview, the politician said his 45 bedroom mansion will feature about nine to ten living rooms among other luxury amenities.

He was building the mansion in commemoration of his 60th birthday.

According to Ken Agyapong, his motive for building the house was to show Ghanaians that “a black man can also do it.”

Ken Agyapong revealed that the completion of the house has delayed mainly because of the nature of land it’s being built on.

“That is where I wanted to do the party. But unfortunately for me, where we’re building, the soil is not that strong; water and marshy area, so we have to fill it. It’s taking a lot of time.”

But he says he’s not in a rush to complete the building.

“With the Covid-19 I have accepted life that, I think life doesn’t make sense to me anymore so I’m not rushing for anything although I’m still working as long as I’m alive, I’ll still have to continue working but I’m not rushing to finish the house,” he said.

The construction of a mansion of that calibre is not news to Ken Agyapong who says he already owns a 40 bedroom mansion in his village, Assin Dompem.

“When my mother died the funeral was done there, when my father died the same thing. People who came, my village we don’t have hotels, they all stayed in my house.”

According to him, he does this not simply for luxury, but for the sake of posterity.

“Not in terms of luxury alone but for posterity. I am capable of doing it. If God gives me another ten or fifteen years, why not? I will live in that property. But after that when I’m dead and gone, even if you can’t manage it, you can turn it into a hotel, you can add more, you can easily get two to three hundred rooms if you want to create more because the land is big.” He said.

Kennedy Agyapong who claims he has only been able to acquire eight percent of the wealth he dreams of acquiring summarized his thirst for more as;

“I want to live big because life is short.”