Monday, a Kenyan man, Abdi Galgayo, emerged from the blue claiming that he is the biological father to this year’s Big Brother Africa winner, Dillish Matthews.

The 22-year-old Namibian had maintained that she does not recognize Abdi Galgayo Guyo as her dad.

With fans on Twitter questioning Guyo’s intentions and rubbishing his assertions claiming he is after Dillish’s newly acquired millions, the former KDF soldier is quick to dispel the rumour.

“Aim yangu sio hio”, points out Guyo adding, “Ni vile tu msichana amejitokeza na kweli ni yangu…ndo nimeitikia”. (That’s not my aim, it’s because the girl has emerged searching for her dad and truly she’s mine, that’s why I spoke out).

Questions have been abounding about why the ex-soldier has taken so long to claim her as her own. With all the drama, it will remain to be seen if there will be some family reunion 23 years later.

After all the denials, it has emerged that Kenyan ex-soldier Abdi Galgalo Guyo is Dillish Matthew’s real biological father.

Dillish’s mother, Selma Pashukeni has confirm to Standard Group that Guyo is indeed is the BBA winner’s real biological dad.